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Why I chose Ghost over WordPress

Posted on • 4 min read

Tags: self-hosted, blog, ghost

There's plenty of posts out on the web like this, and I'm adding to the mass! Last weekend I switched my blog from the, in my opinion, not-so-cool anymore WordPress to a hip, relatively new blogging platform that goes by the name of Ghost. To do that, I also took the plunge and decided to make use of my long standing $10 credit with Digital...

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Install Ghost locally on Windows 10 using Node.js

Posted on • 4 min read

Tags: self-hosted, ghost, nodejs

I'm now using Ghost to run my blog instead of WordPress, and I had a need to run a local instance on my computer to make it easy for me to port across my old WordPress theme to it. It's actually a really simple process to install it locally on Windows 10. Really simple, no messing around with databases, no editing config files, just a...

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Setting up a Self-Hosted Link Shortener

Posted on • 10 min read

Tags: self-hosted

03/11/2018 - You may notice that all the images from within this post have gone "missing". I had issues with a VM migration that went slightly wrong. I'll need to manually re-create all of them... which will take a while :( The content is still here, but if you like pictures you'll be sad. Remember kids "the condition of any backup is unknown until...

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