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Setting a start-up PIN with BitLocker

Posted on • 6 min read

Tags: bitlocker, security

My "daily driver" is a Dell XPS laptop. I take it basically everywhere with me, which means I run the risk of leaving it somewhere. I'm far from forgetful, but if I lose it I want to know it's secure and that nobody is going to be able to access my files. That's where hard disk encryption comes in. Specifically, BitLocker, on Microsoft...

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Generating an encryption key in PuTTY

Posted on • 2 min read

Tags: security

I'm using PuTTY a lot more at the moment, because I've recently switched my blog over to a VPS, so I'm regularly using SSH to connect to it. I'll be posting a post about that move soon, but thought I'd take the time to document how to go about generating an encryption key in PuTTY that you can then use for your encryption needs. If...

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The Vital Importance of using a Password Manager

Posted on • 8 min read

Tags: security

We make passwords harder then they need to be We live in a day and age where the security of our data is a hot topic, and rightly so. We get outraged when we hear that Facebook hasn't looked after our data like we thought it should (ignoring the fact that it's a free service, that makes money by ads, and we are happy to...

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