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The Power of Get-Command and Get-Help in PowerShell

Posted on • 6 min read

Tags: powershell

There are a loads of things in life that are true, one of them is that most people never read the Terms & Conditions, and another is that they also don't bother with the instructions before doing something! However, in my experience you often miss things you could have done with knowing, and those can turn out to be things that could have made the...

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Using PowerShell to Interact with Active Directory - Part 1

Posted on • 4 min read

Tags: active directory, powershell

In my efforts to learn PowerShell I like to force myself to use it in my day job instead of using the GUI. I've read somewhere that nowadays anything you can do in a Microsoft GUI you can do with PowerShell, I don't believe that was always the case, don't quote me on it, but I'm taking that philosophy where I can and using it...

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