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Use the AWS Command Line Interface to Create an EC2 Instance

Posted on • 14 min read

Tags: aws, cloud, ec2, ubuntu server

I remember playing a game when I was a kid called Hugo's House of Horrors. You controlled Hugo using your arrow keys and typed in commands when you wanted him to do something. In this modern age of spectacular CGI, it's a thoroughly rubbish game, but back then it was enchanting and both my sister and I absolutely loved it. I didn't really know what...

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Creating an AWS S3 Bucket

Posted on • 5 min read

Tags: aws, cloud, s3

Amazon has a way with names. I don't know if they do it on purpose (for a laugh) but AWS has some crackers! Names for services such as "Elastic Beanstalk", "Amazon Sumerian", "Ground Station", and "AWS Glue". Although they don't give you much of a hint as to what they actually do, they sure do get a laugh out of me! So when we come...

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Create an EC2 Instance on Amazon Web Services

Posted on • 8 min read

Tags: aws, cloud

We live in an age where we can get our groceries, read our books, stream our boxsets, and a whole host of other things all from the same company. That same company dominates the "cloud" and lets us host whatever internet service or application we could possibly think of as well. For better or worse, you truly can do everything on Amazon. I...

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